Flexible display concept for industrial applications.

The MTL GECMA Flex Line is a complete line of Visualisation products where you can use your own defined HW. This gives the customer the option to use predefined and standardized product for PC-functionality, TC-functionality and KVM-functionality.

The products have the same form factor as the Industrial line and the Ex-line. It can be used with all our standard enclosures and we have also designed some Ultra Slim enclosures with reduced weight and cost.

The MTL GECMA Flex Line PC and RT can replace older applications of  Explorer18 NEX and Challenger Lite.


  • Flexibility without contraints
  • Select your hardware of choice to ensure 100% compatibility with your applications
  • Modular concept for efficient maintenance
  • Stainless Steel IP66 water and dust proof design for hygienic and harsh environments
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Display sizes: 19”, 22” and 24”
  • Wide variety of Stainless Steel housings and mounting options available
  • Barcode scanner / additional accessories on request
  • Backwards compatible to existing GECMA Industrial installations
  • Integrated Media fibe optic converter on request
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
EPS GECMA Flex Line Rev. 1.0 Download