The iSOLATE501 is an ATEX, IECEx, and MET approved RF galvanic isolator for use in Zones 0, 1, 2/22 and mining applications. It is the next generation of Extronics ground breaking technology, designed to improve further on the performance of the industry proven iSOLATE500.

  • II 3 (1) G D Ex nA [Ex ia Ga] IIC T6 Gc, Ex ic [Ex ia Da] IIIC T85°C Dc
  • I (M1) [Ex ia Ma] I
  • cMETus Class I, II, Div 2, Class III Div 1 & 2, Groups A-G. Class 1, Zone 0, Group IIC T4
  • -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +80°C

Ultra-wide bandwidth

In addition to covering 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies and the 900MHz ISM band, the ultra-wide 150MHz to 8GHz bandwidth of the iSOLATE501 can also be used in applications involving Marine VHF, 433MHz ISM, Tetra and full GSM frequencies, for example.

Intrinsically safe RF outputs

The iSOLATE501 provides galvanic isolation to give protection against dangerous transients, making the majority of standard RF outputs intrinsically safe. That means you’re no longer restricted to only using certified antennas in hazardous areas; instead, you can choose from a wider variety of non-certified antennas that meet the requirements for simple apparatus, such as the Extronics iANT2xx range of high quality and rugged outdoor antennas.

Efficient deployment

With standard SMA connectors, you can easily install your solution. Antennas with SMA connectors can be connected directly to the iSOLATE-501; we can provide accessories, including the iSOLATE-CT connector transit, for antennas with N type connections. The intrinsically safe RF outputs also mean that antennas can be hot swapped to maximise performance and minimise downtime.

Highly compact

The iSOLATE501 is small and lightweight, ideal for inclusion in a variety of different applications.

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iSOLATE501 MET approval letter Download
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