MTL GECMA Industriell

Visualization terminal for Industrial applications

The MTL GECMA Industrial Work Stations is a complete line of PC’s, TC’s and Remote Terminals for safe area.

The products have the same form factor as the Ex-line and can use the same enclosures. We have also designed some Ultra Slim enclosures with reduced weight and cost.

The MTL GECMA Industrial PC and RT can replace older applications of  Explorter18 NEX and Challenger Lite.


  • Available Technologies: RT(KVM), TC and PC concept
  • Stainless Steel IP66 dust and water proof design for hygienic and harsh environments
  • Fan-less / no movable parts for long term reliability
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Windows 10 OS pre-installed and updated
  • Fibre optic or copper data transmission
  • Universal switching solution up to 48 end-points on request
  • Available as complete system or panel mount
  • Mobile options and accessories on request
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
EPS MTL GECMA WS Industrial Rev. 1.1 Download