MTL GECMA WS for Sone 1


  • Remote Terminal for sone 1
  • 19", 22" og 24" og full HD
  • Unikt modulært konsept


Eaton's MTL GECMA RT is a keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) extension of either a safe area Personal Computer or Thin Client and can be installed into Ex Zone 1/2/21/22 hazardous areas.

The MTL GECMA RT provides a user-friendly, near real-time solution that enables a safe area PC or Thin Client to be remotely controlled from the hazardous area, via a single, point-to-point connection. It comprises of the individually Ex certified components from our innovative, modular MTL GECMA Work Station range, with the addition of a Remote Terminal (RT) communication module and Safe Area Unit (SAU), delivering a wealth of great features and values specifically for your application.

When selecting our MTL GECMA RT you will, no doubt, benefit from the valuable features that come with our Work Station range, such as;

  • Unique and innovative platform concept. modular design saves you time and cost during installation, commissioning and operation
  • Individually certified modules for quick and easy on-site maintenance
  • 19", 22" Full HD and 24" displays with LED backlight technology for optimum quality and viewing
  • Lightweight, Slimline design helps you to optimise space and offers flexibility of application
  • Fibre Optic or Copper data transmission for cost effective, reliable and increased volume of data transfer
  • Unique Intrinsically Safe connection and Alarm visualisation to ensure safe, continuous operation in the hazardous area
  • Single line data transmission for simple, cost effective installation and reliable transmission
  • DVI & USB interfaces/transparent USB for quick and flexible connectivity


Mer informasjon:

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